Perhaps I’ll Sleep Soon?

Got a call this morning from Lowell General Hospital. The results of my at-home sleep study are in and it’s confirmed…I have sleep apnea. Not only do I have sleep apnea, but the lady described it as being severe. So now due to the level of severity I have to spend tonight in the hospital for further testing. I’m super nervous for some reason, but I know it’s just to do more monitoring and to fit me with the correct sleep machine. The end result will be positive, as I know soon I will be sleeping better at night.

This is just another wake up call for me. I’m stoked that I’m 10 lbs down right now, but I know I have a long way to go. Things like this are little reminders that I need to get my shit together and take this very seriously. I can no longer keep my health as a low priority. It needs to be my TOP priority. Ok, maybe behind taking care of my kids, but still pretty damn important. I want to be around for a long time, especially for my son and daughter.

Definitely nervous about tonight’s hospital stay!

Milestone! 10 lbs down.

Officially broke the 10 lbs down mark today! 95025f504636d174_10_pounds_down_f_large

It took 16 days to reach 10 lbs down. I know it could have come quicker, but I’m happy that the scale is moving down further and further each day, even if just by a little bit. Obviously 10 lbs in 16 days is great, but if I would have stuck to my caloric goals more often it would have come faster. I’ll certainly take it though!

Scale Update – Week 2

Week 2 was certainly not as good as Week 1, but I had a little bit of bad luck with my highest weight of the week occuring on weigh-in day. Oh well, as long as the scale moves down!

Last Week – 304.1 lbs
This Week – 303.5 lbs
Weekly Change – Down 0.6 lbs
Overall Change – Down 7.5 lbs

Next week will be much better! I have the feeling today’s weight isn’t reflective of my true weight based off recent weigh-ins. So hopefully it shows up for next Monday!

Day 1 of Intermittent Fasting

Today I broke my fast at 12:23pm and finished eating at 8:00pm. Total calories consumed were 1,948 broken down into two meals and a snack.

It’s a lot easier for me to skip breakfast than I always think. I’m really only hungry that first hour after waking up and after that I can easily go to 1pm or 2pm. It’s super weird, but nice to know I only have to make it through that first hour. Luckily that hour is pretty busy with getting the kids ready for school and what not. I’m definitely going to keep on going with the intermittent fasting for a while. It can’t hurt. I just need to start adding in some fasted exercise. Right when I get back from dropping the kids off is the perfect time for me to get in a walk or some strength training.

New Redemption Rules

The other day on a whim I made a post (that I’ve since deleted) setting down a set of rules to follow. I’ve since had some time to think about things and actually formulate a plan that takes into account both my strengths as well as my weaknesses. I’m going to list them out here:


  1. Once I get over the initial hump of anything I tend to be a loyal participant.
  2. I enjoy walking, cycling, and hiking. I used to enjoy running but currently too heavy.
  3. I enjoy tracking my calories and am very willing to do so.
  4. I enjoy tracking my exercise and am very willing to do so.
  5. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth.


  1. Breakfast. I consume way too many calories at breakfast.
  2. I’m not a huge fan of pure water.
  3. I drink way too much diet soda.
  4. Fast food.
  5. LARGE dinners.

Taking these strengths and weaknesses into account I have developed the following plan to start living by.

The New Redemption Rules

Intermittent Fasting – Because breakfast is a huge weakness of mine, I’m cutting it out all together. I’ll be following intermittent fasting. Essentially the plan is to consume all of my food between 12pm and 8pm. I am free to cut that window down even shorter but those are the guidelines. This takes care of my breakfast issues since I will no longer be allowed to consume it, and turns my large dinners problem into a strength. I’ll be allowed essentially two large meals per day to fill my caloric goal within the 8 hours. Basically a big lunch and big dinner (up to 1,000 calories per meal).

Track Everything – I enjoy tracking my calories and exercise so I will continue to do so but will really try to adhere to the plan. I will eat no more than 2,000 calories per day. I will aim for 20-30 minutes of exercise minimum per day. I also enjoy tracking my steps so I will set my daily goal at 10,000 per day and am not allowed to go to sleep until I reach 10,000 steps.

Drink More Water (with flavor) – I do not like water by itself. I love it while exercising, but not as just a general beverage throughout the day. I’m still trying to cut back on my diet soda intake, and that will come in time, but for now will focus on upping my water intake with the caveat that I’m allowed to add some flavoring such as MIO.

That’s pretty much the plan. It boils down to intermittent fasting, track my calories/exercise/steps, and drink more water. Seems simple enough and I know if I stick to it for a week or so I will be hooked and will be a willing participant as described above in my strengths. This plan goes into effect first thing tomorrow, August 19, 2015.