New Short-term Plan – Meal Replacement Shakes

Day 4 of Project 365 is just about to wrap up. I’ve counted calories each and every day for every morsel of food that I’ve consumed. Bottom line is that I’m eating too much. I’m averaging around 2,400 calories eaten per day over the first 4 days. That’s simply too much. Yes, the scale has gone done, but that’s probably only because I’m not stuffing myself beyond belief like I normally do.

In the short-term I need something fairly strict, fairly easy, and fairly cheap, that won’t overcomplicate things but still provide excellent results on the scale. I’ve decided to begin replacing two meals with meal replacement shakes. I found chocolate milk that has more protein than normal milk and is lactose free and will probably use that. Might even throw in a scoop of protein powder for good measure. If I replace two meals with that, then consume one large (not too large) meal I should be good to go. I’m assuming my large meal will come in around 1,000 calories, so if I add that to two 300 calories shakes that puts me at 1,600 calories each day. I know that’s a tad low, but let’s be honest….I’m here to lose weight. Like I said this will only be short-term. It’s kind of a mini project to help keep me on point and test my willpower. I need to pass this test. The scale will thank me.

So this all begins tomorrow, Day 5 of my journey. I’d say that I will be sticking with this until at LEAST day 30. Once I’m at day 30 I will reevaluate and see where things stand. Wish me luck!

Project 365: My Transformation

It’s time to get my shit together. I can no longer go through life feeling like crap and getting bigger and bigger. My numerous failed diets have led me to 309 lbs. That’s right, WELL into the 300’s. That’s pitiful and it has to change. I recently went to the doctors and he mentioned he’d like for me to lose 100 lbs in one year. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m not going to rush things, but I’m not going to play around either. My mission is to drop 109 lbs in 365 days. That means by August 1, 2016 I need to be 200 lbs or less. I might mess around with various forms of dieting such as intermittent fasting or calorie cycling, but the bottom line is that I just need to attack each and every day like my life depends on it. I’ll be counting calories, tracking my steps, and all of my exercise throughout this journey. For a complete overview of my journey feel free to check out THIS PAGE frequently for updates.

The time is now. I’m not wasting even one more day.