Food is Fuel

It’s going to take a lot to break this food addiction that I have.

I need to take a different route with this whole thing. I need to starting thinking of food as FUEL for my body….and that’s it! The temporary pleasure I get from eating should not hold me back from good health and accomplishing my goals.

Now, if I’m going to think of food as my fuel, wouldn’t I want to make it the best fuel possible? That’s why I’m going to give the Paleo diet another shot beginning tomorrow. I’ll be cutting out all processed foods, grains, and anything else that isn’t “natural”. I’ll stick to meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds. I WILL allow dairy, and I WILL allow legumes, at least in the beginning. Chris Kresser, author of, “The Paleo Code” shows that there are many different versions of Paleo ranging in a variety of “strictness”.  Since I’m completely addicted to crappy foods I’ve decided to do a very lenient version of Paleo to start out so that I’m more likely to stick to it.

So my journey begins tomorrow. It’s going to be tough. Time to challenge myself and finally stick to something.

What I’ve Learned

For those of you who have been following my blog you are the first ones to know my struggle with weight loss. I’ve been very up and down. I get all excited about a new “plan” and it eventually fizzles out. I’ve been doing some thinking and realized it’s not nearly as hard as I’m making it out to be…

What I’ve Learned…

  1. You get out what you put in. If a solid effort is made, solid results will be the result. If you put in a half-assed effort, you can expect the same type of results.
  2. Words can only take you so far. Actions are what matters.
  3. The majority of people out there have absolutely no idea what proper nutrition is. No wonder there are so many obese people in this country. It’s amazing how many people I run into who really have no clue what they are talking about. Do your research people!
  4. Strength training is equally as important, or possibly MORE important than cardio work. Muscle not only makes you look better, it burns a lot more calories!

As hard as this journey has been on me, I will never give up. Giving up is not in my vocabulary. I’ve done all of the research and know exactly what to do, I just need to put all of this into action.

Progress is hard to come by, but it will come with a solid effort!

2014 is ALMOST here!

I have never in my adult life looked so forward to the prospects of a new year.

2013 wasn’t the greatest for me, especially in the areas of diet, fitness, and overall health. It was the year of REPEATEDLY failing at diet attempts, more-so than any other year in my life. Due to a variety of factors I just couldn’t get my shit together this year. I think I started this blog over about 20 times in 2013 alone. I always have these grand ideas of what my transformation will be like and when I screw up I always start over.

For obvious reasons, that hasn’t gotten me anywhere and there is no better chance for a clean slate than a brand new year. I’m very excited about tomorrow and plan on attacking it full force with a completely revamped overall plan for my health.

2014 will be the year that I get back into running. Once I started gaining weight and getting lazier earlier in 2013 I essentially gave up on running and tried talking myself into the fact that I “hated” running. Well that’s just not true. 2012 is the perfect example. I thoroughly enjoyed my training in both 2011 and 2012, ran races, and thought about running just about constantly. It’s a hobby that I want to make a permanent part of my life.

This will truly be the year of my redemption. Now I just need to follow through with it! I’m looking forward to the challenge and when I post at the end of 2014 about the prospects of 2014 I fully expect to be talking about triathlons, marathons, and things that would involve a fully healthy individual and athlete. This is my year and it’s time to take back my health!

The Beast Omelet

One of my goals here on my blog is to keep a record of various recipes that I create while on my journey. Keep in mind that I am not a chef and by no means guarantee that this food will taste good, haha. I’m simply going to learn as I go and let you guys get a glimpse of some of the things that I’m eating…

The BEAST Omelet

This was the very first thing that I consumed on my primal journey! I call it the beast omelet because the thing is massive. It filled me up for a good four or five hours no problem. It is very simple, even a caveman could make it!


-Eggs (5 large)

-Ham (3 ounces)

-Shredded Cheese (1 ounce)

-Coconut Oil (1 teaspoon)


This is pretty simple. This recipe is nothing special but will fill you up for quite some time. Start off by heating up some coconut oil in a medium to large frying pan. Once you have a good base of coconut oil all over the pan then crack your five eggs and mix the yolks all up. Give it a bit until the one side of the monstrosity is cooked and you are ready to flip it. Once you flip the behemoth add in your ham. The ham needs to be nice and shredded up. I just simply use cooking scissors and cut it up into thin strips. Toss the shredded cheese on top of the ham. After a bit when you feel the egg is pretty much cooked through fold the monster in half and let it melt the rest of the cheese for a few seconds. Flop that bad boy out onto your plate and you’re all set to devour it.

Gadget Review – Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is my new favorite gadget. It’s a pedometer. Yes that’s right, my current favorite gadget is a pedometer. I bought this recently to gauge my level of everyday activity. I work from home so outside of my running I wanted to know exactly how much movement I was getting in each day.

The result was not good. On days that I don’t run I get a very pathetic amount of steps in each day. They say to aim for at least 10,000 each day as the baseline standard.

I now find myself running around like a mad man just to get my step totals up. I park as far away as I can at stores in order to pack on some steps on my way in. I walk around the house with my 8 month old daughter just to get in some extra steps. It’s fun! Anything that gets you up and moving is a good idea.

What I like about the Fitbit Zip is that it is very accurate. It needs to do one thing; count steps. It does it very accurately. The nice thing about the zip is that it runs off of a regular watch battery so there is no need to constantly charge it every few days. I believe this battery lasts upwards of 4 to 5 months so you never need to worry about it. Just clip it onto your belt. Throw it in your pocket. Women can clip them on their bra. Just have it on you and it will count your steps as you go.

Outside of steps, it tracks a rough estimate of distance traveled, calories burned throughout the day, the time of day, and a little character guy that will smile and make faces at you depending on how your activity level is going. It syncs up with where you can store all of your stats and earn badges for various feats.fitbit-zip

I highly recommend one of these to everyone. Go ahead and get one. Get one for your spouse as well! Have fun and compete on a daily basis. They come in a variety of fun colors and run around $50. Try to get active. Your heart will thank you.

Fitbit has a couple of other versions if you’d like to look into those as well. The Fitbit One is $99 and will do everything the Zip does but adds on sleep tracking, vibrating alarm, stair tracking, and activity timer. There is a new product, the Fitbit Flex that is a wristband that does everything the Zip does but adds the sleep tracking as well as the vibrating alarm.  The Flex is the one I’m very excited about. I won’t ever have to worry about forgetting it again. It’s waterproof so you can wear it all day, even in the shower. Wear it at night and it tracks your sleep patterns. Set a vibrating alarm for the morning and you no longer need an alarm clock. Good stuff! I preordered it on Amazon and it is due to arrive sometime in May. I will be doing a review on that model as well.